Official number of Ship24757 [London and Sydney]
30360 [Cape Town and Hobart]
Port of RegistryLondon [1852]
London [1857]
Cape Town, South Africa [1858-1860]
Port Louis, Mauritius [1862]
Hobart [1862]
Sydney [1863]
British or Foreign BuiltBritish
BuilderWilliam Pile, Jnr., Sunderland
Date CompletedMay, 1852
Number of DecksOne and a Break
Number of MastsThree
Length from the Forepart of the Stem
under the Bowsprit to the Aft Side
of the Head of the Stern-post
127 feet and nine tenths
Main Breadth to Outside of Plank23 feet and eight tenths
Depth in Hold from Tonnage Deck
to Ceiling at Midships
14 feet and nine tenths

The Meteor was a three-masted barque, built in 1852 by W. & J. Pile at Sunderland, in the county of Durham, United Kingdom. She was purchased by Thomas Fletcher Verney in 1864. In the logbook of his voyage to China in 1867, the Captain shared his thoughts on his ship:

“This little ship certainly is a credit to her builder. She is one of the best sea boats it has been my lot to command. She is very deep in the water this voyage, and yesterday it was a pleasure to see how she handled herself, pressed as she was.”

Logbook of the Ship Meteor, 1866-1868

After an arduous passage of 71 days from Newcastle, Captain Verney discharged the ship’s cargo of coal at Ningpo [Ningbo] China in early February, 1867.

In 1880, she was unfortunately wrecked at the Solomon Islands. A westerly gale set in with heavy seas; the cables parted and drove the Meteor on to a ledge of rocks, where it broke up almost immediately. The certificate of registry was lost with the vessel.